Stefano Battaglia

italian jazz composer | official web site Facebook Youtube

Steve Futterman

“…Each of the album’s two discs sports its own personality and distinct instrumentation….Storng statements from trumpeter Michael Gassmann and bassist Salvatore Maiore, not to mention the leader’s own ringing piano work, emerge organically from Battaglia’s reflective melodies yet stay firmly grounded within his refined score….The second disc’s mood remains as stringently introspective as the previous disc was meditately warm. Yet Battaglia’s dramatic flair imbues each of these austere permances with a a vitality that keeps you attentive even as it casts a chill. His pianistic prowess announces itself by way of his exceptional responsiveness to his partners rather than any cascading virtuosity.

Re: Pasolini is a triumph for Battaglia, the pianist, composer and arranger;…”